Note Purchases

Artemis Realty Capital provides financing for the acquisition of both performing and non-performing mortgage loans. Many financial institutions in an effort to avoid the time and expense associated with the foreclosure process are willing to sell underperforming loans at a discount. There are few lenders willing to finance note purchases due to the complicated nature of distressed debt situations as well as the fact that such financing is not secured by a direct first mortgage. Artemis Realty Capital provides flexible and timely financing to small and medium sized investors acquiring distressed debt secured by commercial real estate.

  • Financing amount: $1 Million to $25 million per loan
  • Pricing: Rates and fees adjusted for risk and leverage
  • Term: Up to 3 years
  • Eligible loan types: Typically secured office, industrial, multi-family, and retail properties and fully entitled land
  • Recourse: Recourse to Principals
  • Timing: Artemis Realty Capital works with its clients during the loan sale process to ensure there is sufficient time to close once an agreement to buy the debt has been reached